Tiny Human Moments is a collaborative installation created with artist & educator, Amanda Amsel. Inspired by our experiences in the classroom, this work is an investigation of the psychological process and energy of exchanges between teachers and pupils. Our site specific project began as a public storefront display created for a horizontal 12’ foot wide vitrine within Amazon HQ in Seattle, WA.

Harrison Storefront: Tiny Human Moments by artists Amanda Amsel and Elizabeth Arzani | photo by Natalia Dotto for Seattle Refined

Given a second life, Tiny Human Moments became a vertical piece, shown at Plank Gallery spanning ceiling to floor. The evolving development of this work further comments on the philosophy behind aspects of art education and studied stages of artistic development.

Phases of learning and the creative process are represented in repetition and reproduction; the art of practicing and transcribing; and the act of responding to each other. In recollecting and repeating a mark by means of reprinting a photographed copy, it becomes altered and faded. An implied texture is created of an actual texture. The mark becomes a memory of the original.

Installation view of Footprint Wine & Tap, Seattle, WA

In it’s third and final phase, new old pieces were cut and cropped, creating smaller thumbnails that contain portions of larger gestures. Memories are layered on top and in between the surfaces: making a world of our imagination visible, inspired through the eyes of children.