Spaces Between Places

Spaces Between Places was built with the intention of interpreting aspects of the city of Seattle. With a collection of shaped panels, cut from the spaces in-between the buildings of the city's skyline; their compositions are composed of graphite, acrylic, and tin with areas of foil paper and pastel. The puzzle piece like panels function both individually and as a collective set. Created with the intention to be viewed in a purposeful arrangement, hung on a wall to reference found positive and negative shapes. In this arrangement a few panels are shown titled on the diagonal, alluding to the perception of movement and depth of space. Painted in a muted purple and marked with graphite, each work demonstrates an interpretation of Seattle's sky. The tin pieces dance and float across the surface, activated by vibrant patterns and simultaneously signaling street signs. Viewers might share a familiarity with the port city's landscape via allusions to storage containers, cranes, and other industrial forms. At times the tin may even appear to be falling from one surface to the next, occasionally spilling onto a gridded pattern or escaping the panel altogether. The florescent pinks and oranges of the panels' profiles illuminate each shape. Hanging against a neutral painted wall the panels glow, even in dimly lit spaces, their glow persists much like the lights of the city at night.

Spaces Between Places was a collaborative public art sight specific installation created with Seattle based painter, Krisna Schumann as part of Shunpike's Storefront Projects featured at Amazon in South Lake Union Seattle, WA.