You Are Here, Too


I will be exhibiting new work in the upcoming, You Are Here, Too, an exhibition of art about maps and mapping. Works incorporate images, type, and constructs from maps, or maps themselves. Artists working in paint, graphic media, collage, embroidery, digital media, and ceramics explore the topography of the natural world, political boundaries, the built environment, slavery, motherhood, and other events that leave traces on the physical and mental landscape. May 3 through August 30, 2018 at the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square, in two spaces: Good Arts Gallery, inside Cherry Street Coffee House at 700 First Avenue, and '57 Biscayne Artist Studios, upstairs at 110 Cherry. Co-curated by Annie Brule and Jane Richlovsky


While Supplies Last: Restock

This Thursday, April 12th, I will be exhibiting several collage works on paper in the exhibition, While Supplies Last: Restock during Capitol Hill Art Walk. While Supplies Last: Restock is a recurring group art show, curated by Anthony White and presented by studio e, of over 175 Artists (and counting) in its second iteration, located in Seattle, Washington at Amandine Bakeshop (1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) from 6-9pm. 

UNCC Alumni Show

Rippling Effect,  2017

Rippling Effect, 2017

This Thursday, March 15th, from 5-7 PM is the opening reception for the UNCC Alumni Exhibition at Rowe Galleries. I will be exhibiting Rippling Effect (pictured above) as well as a second mixed media assemblage piece. The show will be on display from March 15th - 30th. 

Beach Collections

Beach Collections is one in a series of soft grid arrangement studies of found objects - trash (mostly plastic) found on O'ahu's North Shore beaches. I had imagined that when I arrived in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, that I would be swooning over the soft sand, shells and rocks. And I did, I greatly admired the beauty of the beaches, but found myself collecting a different type of souvenir. 

Layered Intersections

I am happy to announce my first curatorial project, Layered Intersections; a collaborative project with Joshua ThompsonLayered Intersections is a group show featuring ten artists investigating and challenging themes of abstraction and representation. While each maker has a distinct mark and method, moments in time overlap, compound and accumulate. Movement ebbs and flows through periods of marked stillness to instances of active vibrations. Loud and quiet, vibrant and pale, smooth and rough – these various stages or seasons of space and time are reflected in choice of media and content.

In Between Doing & Undoing

Please join us for the opening reception of In Between Doing & Undoing at Plank Gallery on October 14th from 6-10 pm. I will be featuring new work alongside Joshua Thompson. Together we are presenting a series of pairings as layered metaphors. Through the process of repeatedly making and unmaking, surfaces and metaphors begin to simultaneously hide and unveil themselves. Paintings, assemblages and collages expose the physicality of materials through cyclical processes and their implied psychological states of being. 

Moleskin Drawing (West Coast)

For the past five years I have been collecting and filling moleskins with drawings. They have accompanied me in my travels overseas, across the country, to different cities, waiting rooms, teacher meetings, airports - any place that I visit long enough to capture in pen. Below is my most recent journey.