Breaking from the restraints of the square or rectangle, my work is constructed of parts taken from specific times and places, moments and histories. The parts that I assemble are considered for both their narrative as well as their formal qualities. These artifacts are personally found and collected as well as gifted and inherited, serving as conduits for memories and metaphors. When arranged together as a collective set or composition of color, shape, texture and form, they rouse the senses of unspoken and interpretive reminders and possibilities. The words of Rebecca Solnit materialized as I sifted and contemplated my collection of objects in an attempt to follow the objects back in time and decode the secret constellations of the past. 

Object Wall (137 Parts)

This Thursday, December 3rd from 6-10 pm you can view the full installation of Object Wall (137 Parts). It is currently on display in Suite 213 of 57' Biscayne Artist Studios located on the corner of First and Cherry St in Seattle, WA as part of the December Open House. 

Bemis 2015 Fall Art Show

Detail of The Search for the Right Key, 2015

This coming Halloween weekend I am participating in the Bemis Arts 2015 Fall Masquerade themed show. My latest assemblage series will be on view from 12 - 8 pm Saturday, October 31st to 12 - 6 pm November 1st. This series embraces 'chance and choice' configurations of found materials. Focused on musical themes, puns and narrative, these works are constructed with, but not limited to, salvaged and collected: wood, tin, piano keys, as well as guitar and violin parts. 

For more information about the show refer to the Bemis Arts site. 

Spaces Between Places

The animation above playfully demonstrates my creative, experimental and collaborative process of working alongside Krisna Schumann. Together we have worked diligently as 'painters who don't always need to use paint' to create the installation, Spaces Between Places, currently on view in the storefront at Amazon on the corner of Boren and Harrison St. in the South Lake Union Area of Seattle, WA. 

SFMOMA: Still Keys

Listening to Still Keys Play their Silent Prose is a recent assemblage that I have constructed with tin, found objects, collage and wax.The work is currently on exhibit as part of the "Three-Fold" female group show on display at Ghost Gallery through July 5th. It is currently paired with Krisna Schumann's oil painting, In the First Place. It has also been recently featured on SFMOMA's On The Go Blog. 

Art Invasion: Round II

In an effort to make positive interactions and possibilities arise from the doomed fate of a multifaceted home that housed and supported artists in the Capitol Hill community, a pop up gallery of twenty local artists will be exhibited. On the corner of John and 12th St, hidden behind the shrubbery, sits 1123 Studios - a place that we intend to celebrate one more time in honor of its many years of provided service with affordable studios and office space. I am excited to announce that I will be  to be exhibiting in Art Invasion: Round II. The pop up gallery will be open Thursday June 11th from 5-10 pm and then again on Sunday June 14th from 12-5 pm. 

57' Biscayne Artist Studios Part II

This June I am exhibiting at my old stomping ground. On June 4th as part of the First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk, I will be participating once more in the second round of the 100 under 100 exhibition held at the 57' Biscayne Artist Studios, located on 1st and Cherry St. For more information on the show visit the 57' Biscayne Artist Studio's event page. 


Left: Carmen Neely, Shelly & Patrick Right: Krisna Schumann, Where Once Was

Collaboration and participation in art communities is an integral part of my artistic practice.  For several years I have had the privilege of collaborating with former studio mates and fellow artists, Carmen Neely and Krisna Schumann. We are all painters manipulating and combining different media with distinctly different intentions and purposes. Three-Fold is an exhibition focused on creating interpretive dialogue between pairings of artworks. The works chosen utilize painting, collage and assemblage to demonstrate dynamic sexual, poetic and nostalgic comparisons. Each work of art simultaneously stands by itself, and becomes an essential element to the pair. The show will run from June 11th to July 5th at Ghost Gallery.  The opening reception will be held on the second Thursday in June, during the Capitol Hill Art Walk from 5-9 PM.

Click for more information about Ghost Gallery and Three-Fold's opening reception. 



Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio: Round II

I identify myself as a painter, despite the fact that I do not always use paint in my work. I enjoy taking part in the Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio because I often use printmaking processes in my mixed media work. This will be the second year in a row that I have the privilege of taking part of the Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. This years event will take place on May 3rd from 2-4 pm. It is an open and free event for the public, allowing you to come chat with a variety of printmakers and view a multitude of portfolios. I will be showing how I layer and combine printmaking into my mixed media work. 

Click here more information about Seattle Print Arts or the Open Portfolio