I will be featuring new assemblage work in the exhibition, Placiness. The work on view will range from the representational - paintings, drawings, and photographs that directly confront the cityscape - to constructions that incorporate materials and objects endemic to the region, and much that falls in between, all the visually inspired by the streets, buildings, history, landscape and humanscape of Seattle.   

(Left) Pedestal for the Fleeting (Right) Humid Humming of Summer, 2016

Breaking from the restraints of the square or rectangle, my work is constructed of parts taken from specific times and places, moments and histories. The parts that I assemble are considered for both their narrative as well as their formal qualities. These artifacts are personally found and collected as well as gifted and inherited, serving as conduits for memories and metaphors. When arranged together as a collective set or composition of color, shape, texture and form, they rouse the senses of unspoken and interpretive reminders and possibilities. The words of Rebecca Solnit materialized as I sifted and contemplated my collection of objects in an attempt to follow the objects back in time and decode the secret constellations of the past. 

“It is in the nature of things to be lost and not otherwise. Think of how little has been salvaged from the compost of time of the hundreds of billions of dreams dreamt since the language to describe them emerged, how few names, how few wishes, how few languages even, how we don’t know what tongues the people who erected the standing stones of Britain and Ireland spoke or what the stones meant, don’t know much of the language of the Gabrielanos of Los Angeles or the Miwoks of Marin, don’t know how or why they drew the giant pictures on the desert floor in Nazca, Peru, don’t know much even about Shakespeare or Li Po. It is as though we make the exception the rule, believe that we should have rather than that we will generally lose. We should be able to find our way back again by the objects we dropped, like Hansel and Gretel in the forest, the objects reeling us back in time, undoing each loss, a road back from lost eyeglasses to lost toys and baby teeth. Instead, most of the objects form the secret constellations of our irrecoverable past, returning only in dreams where nothing but the dreamer is lost. They must still exist somewhere: pocket knives and plastic horses don’t exactly compost, but who knows where they go in the great drifts of objects sifting through our world?” 
― Rebecca SolnitA Field Guide to Getting Lost

Placiness coincides with the art happenings of Seattle Art Fair and Out of Sight featured this Thursday, August 4th through Sunday, August 7th.  The show will be open on First Thursday, August 4, from 5-8 PM and 12-7 Friday and Saturday, 12-5 Sunday.  57'Biscayne is located on 110 Cherry in the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square. 

Art Invasion: Round II

In an effort to make positive interactions and possibilities arise from the doomed fate of a multifaceted home that housed and supported artists in the Capitol Hill community, a pop up gallery of twenty local artists will be exhibited. On the corner of John and 12th St, hidden behind the shrubbery, sits 1123 Studios - a place that we intend to celebrate one more time in honor of its many years of provided service with affordable studios and office space. I am excited to announce that I will be  to be exhibiting in Art Invasion: Round II. The pop up gallery will be open Thursday June 11th from 5-10 pm and then again on Sunday June 14th from 12-5 pm. 

Above: Loyal & Royal  Below: The Two Ladies

 Click for more information about the artists participating in the pop up gallery or Art Invasion. 

Special thanks to Damian Puggelli and Christopher Balder for hosting and curating the event. 

57' Biscayne Artist Studios Part II

This June I am exhibiting at my old stomping ground. On June 4th as part of the First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk, I will be participating once more in the second round of the 100 under 100 exhibition held at the 57' Biscayne Artist Studios, located on 1st and Cherry St. For more information on the show visit the 57' Biscayne Artist Studio's event page. 

Coinciding with the 100 under 100 show, I have also been graciously invited by Krisna Schumann to build a site specific installation in her studio, suite 213 of the 57' Biscayne Artist Studios. The installation is primarily built from recycled vintage tin and salvaged wood. Titled, Imagining parts of the past living together in the future, this work is a reference to change and adaptation. 

detail of Imagining parts of the past living together in the future


Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio: Round II

I identify myself as a painter, despite the fact that I do not always use paint in my work. I enjoy taking part in the Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio because I often use printmaking processes in my mixed media work. This will be the second year in a row that I have the privilege of taking part of the Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. This years event will take place on May 3rd from 2-4 pm. It is an open and free event for the public, allowing you to come chat with a variety of printmakers and view a multitude of portfolios. I will be showing how I layer and combine printmaking into my mixed media work. 

Click here more information about Seattle Print Arts or the Open Portfolio

The study of objects

My recent inspirations have come from shuffling, reorganizing, arranging and assembling. Much of this is a result of moving my studio from 57' Biscayne Artist Studios to an artist loft above a garage next to my house. 

Former studio at 57' Biscayne

I would be lying if I said I wouldn't miss having Krisna Schumann as a studio mate or the quirkiness of working in an old building in the heart of Pioneer Square. I loved the entrance with the green staircase and red walls that at night, as the street lights shine in, resonate a moody eeriness found in an Edward Hopper painting. I worked in a long hallway of a former darkroom studio, characterized by only a window into the next studio and a slightly askew brick wall that swallows and spits out nails. 

Other inspirations as of late have been the blog, Things Organized Neatly as well as the writings of philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, particularly his book, The System of Objects. Below is new work that manifested from these findings, also featured on the blog, Hyperallergic LABS.

House of my Childhood, 2015

Reading Baudrillard's writings of the home and it's interiors as well as becoming a home owner for the first time have manifested ideas and curiosities of the domestic to the forefront of my work.  

“Human beings and objects are indeed bound together in a collusion in which objects take on a certain density, an emotional value - what might be called a ‘presence.’ What gives the houses of our childhood such depth and resonance in memory is clearly this complex structure of interiority, and the objects within it serve for us as boundary markers of the symbolic configuration known as home.” 

-The System of Objects, Jean Baudrillard

                                     Study for Portrait of a Debutante , 2015

                                     Study for Portrait of a Debutante , 2015

I play the role of the narrator as I curate objects, juxtaposing memories, symbols and metaphors. Arranged in purposeful ways objects are staged as portraits. Many of these portraits are ephemeral studies, analyzing objects and their relationships to one another. 

        Snapshots of the Lost and Found, 2015,  photography by

        Snapshots of the Lost and Found, 2015,  photography by

Inspiration Abroad

I recently traveled to Southeast Asia and visited several cities in Cambodia and Thailand. During my journey I used my time in transit, which included several buses, many cabs or tuk tuks and a total number of ten planes, to fill my sketchbook.  I like creating fictional characters based loosely from my observations. I invent their mysterious past or detailed drama in my mind and then draw a moment or scene from their story and write only a suggestive title.  I also enjoy recording my surroundings, mostly snippets of banal places, often overlooked. I collect their simplified structures and forms or zoom in on specific details. In drawing while traveling I attempt to capture the quirks and cultural findings of my adventures to take home with me. 

Trading seats in confined places, 2014

Bitter lady suffering from poor decisions, 2015

How many people do you think can fit on one motor bike?, 2015

To see more sketches visit my sketchbook page.

Pioneer Square & Fremont Art Walks

This week I will be participating in two art walks in different areas of Seattle. On Thursday, June 5th I will be exhibiting a collaborative and colorful installation combining painting and sculpture created by Krisna Schumann and myself. The installation is located in Pioneer Square at the ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios. Both Krisna and I have collaborated as a team for nearly a year, engaging in shared research and working processes that embrace two and three dimensional mediums. The Pioneer Square art walks are every first Thursday of the month. Click here for information about the First Thursday Seattle Art Walk and ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios

Detail of A Gallery of Impossible Objects

On Friday, June 6th you can view selected works from my Dollhouse Diaries series at Tiny Ninja Cafe as part of the first Friday art walk in Fremont. There will be free food, wine and music.

lick for more information about Fremont Art Walk or Tiny Ninja Cafe’s Digital vs. Canvas exhibition.


Seattle Print Arts Open Portfolio

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Seattle Print Arts Open Studio from 1-3 pm at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. It is an informal and free event that gives you the opportunity to see a variety of artists from the area share and discuss their works on paper. I will be there with selected works from my Dollhouse Diaries series as well as selected oversized prints and collages that I created during a class at the Pratt Fine Art Center.

For more information and directions to the event click here

Detail of Loyal & Royal, 2013