Behaving Differently

Behaving Differently cropped.jpg

Behaving Differently is a bicoastal group show that I have co-curated with Joshua Thompson. This exhibition brings together artists from across the country to respond to the question, what is a painting? Historically a painting has been categorized within the simple definition of a practice of applying paint, pigment or color to a solid surface. However, contemporary painting is now challenging categories and traditions of two dimensionality. Behaving Differently is an investigation of how and why something is or is not a painting. Come decide for yourself and see work by artists from Florida, North Carolina, New York, Wyoming, California and Washington.

Opening Reception: Saturday June 2nd from 4 to 9 PM at Plank Gallery

Featured Artists:

Alex Connelly

Andrew Wakefield

Annieo Klaas

Carmen Neely

Dale Castellucci

Elizabeth Arzani

Joshua Thompson

Junko Yamamoto

Luke Armitstead

Lydia Goldbeck

Rich Stevens

Richelle Soper

Robin Green

Stephanie Sherwood

Work on view through July 21st by Appointment