While Supplies Last: Restock

This Thursday, April 12th, I will be exhibiting several collage works on paper in the exhibition, While Supplies Last: Restock during Capitol Hill Art Walk. While Supplies Last: Restock is a recurring group art show, curated by Anthony White and presented by studio e, of over 175 Artists (and counting) in its second iteration, located in Seattle, Washington at Amandine Bakeshop (1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) from 6-9pm. 

Show up and support local, regional and international Artists.

Newly added talent for April:

Rachel Fick
Mark Zubrovich
Gemma Browne
Tanya Dean
Dylan Hurwitz
Sean Hutton
Lorraine Ren
Kaitlin Mary Isabelle Smrcina
Sasha Ferré
Laura Childs
Richard Roberts
Madeline Gallucci
David Joel
Brett Thompson
April Werle
Brandon Lipchik
Brandon Elijah Johnson
Peter Schenck
Durango 65
Sam Naftaly
Taylor Bednarz
Super Future Kid
Rachel Tarravechia
Kellen Chasuk
Philip Geraldo
Phil Root
Marie-Claude Lepiez
Nick Wilkinson
Courtney Presber
Drake Carr
Jean Nagai
Justin Liam O'brien
Savannah Sullivan
Jos Hurt
Peter Jeppson
David Heo
Angela Satya Timble-Yanu
Levi Sleight
Gracie Alta Amdal
Emma Parry
Dane Nicklas
Claire Gunville
Tenzing Dorjee
Fazida Yathali
Nick Weihe
Nicole Bean
Calli Ryan
Shelby Rosabal
Jason Thompson
Penny Davenport
Anthony Iacomella
Elliot Fox
Paul Verdell
Stephen Cavanagh
J Wooton
Sean Hutton
Reyn Guest
Elizabeth Arzani
Jacob Hendricks
Emily Rives
Riley Spicer