Beach Collections

Beach Collections,  2018

Beach Collections, 2018

Beach Collections is one in a series of soft grid arrangement studies of found objects - trash (mostly plastic) found on O'ahu's North Shore beaches. I had imagined that when I arrived in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, that I would be swooning over the soft sand, shells and rocks. And I did, I greatly admired the beauty of the beaches, but found myself collecting a different type of souvenir. 

Beach Collections: Study II,  2018

Beach Collections: Study II, 2018

There is something beautiful and tragic about this trash. The faded colors, broken irregularly shaped forms and weathered texture is striking against a neutral gritty surface of rock and sand. For most things I can identify their origin - a handle from a plastic pail, a hook from a hanger, a cap from a bottle, a corner grid from a plastic crate. Then there are the solid color blocked plastic other things, like blank sheets of paper, with no identifiable clues, abandoned in a place where they don't belong.