Everyone's in 3D

Map illustrated by Myra Lara. My work is #8 in the diagram shown above.

I am excited to be participating in the show, Everyone's in 3D, at The Alice gallery in Georgetown, Seattle WA. This is an annual tradition at The Alice that will be exhibiting participants work in a large wunderkammer-style exhibition that will run from December 17 - January 14.  The opening reception will take place on Saturday, December 17 from 5-8pm, and the closing will take place during Georgetown Art Attack on January 14. 

Below is the curators' concept and inspiration for this show: 

"This exhibition is inspired by Itsa Small, Small World, by Jayson Musson (Hennessy Youngman), an artist that had an online art video project called ART THOGHTZ. Jayson created this drop-off style exhibition as a way to address the “lack the face-to-face contact that is available with other forms of art production and exhibition.” We also give a nod to the Brucennial, an open biennial that was organized in NYC by Bruce High Quality Foundation from 2008-2014, following the timeline of the Whitney Biennial. At The Alice, we meet many artists face-to-face, and we would like to extend our welcome to more of you and to thank those of you that have supported us in our first two years."