Layered Intersections

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I am happy to announce my first curatorial project, Layered Intersections; a collaborative project with Joshua ThompsonLayered Intersections is a group show featuring ten artists investigating and challenging themes of abstraction and representation. While each maker has a distinct mark and method, moments in time overlap, compound and accumulate. Movement ebbs and flows through periods of marked stillness to instances of active vibrations. Loud and quiet, vibrant and pale, smooth and rough – these various stages or seasons of space and time are reflected in choice of media and content.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 16th 6-10 pm at Plank Gallery


Amanda Amsel-Wood 
Elizabeth Lee Arzani 
Colin Curry 
Genevieve Gaudreau 
Sullivan Giles 
Joshua Ryan McDonald
Lowell Poisson
Chris Rollins
Krisna Schumann
Joshua Thompson

Work is on view by appointment through January