Miniature Paintings Behaving Differently

A Cornered Cat , 2017

A Cornered Cat, 2017

I have some new miniature works like A Cornered Cat (above), on view through Jan 7th, at Ghost Gallery for their 11th Annual Holiday Mini Art Show.  

These miniatures are a response to an acquisition of collected vintage and salvaged tin. Through collage and assemblage, I form compositions using the same language of a painter; creating what I consider to be paintings that are behaving differently. Much of my process is a result of cutting and cropping, combining and cohabiting. It is an investigation of materials through questions. How does tin act as paint or how does tin imitate paper? How does paint act as a drawing medium? How is scratching into a wet layer of paint with a nail similar or different to drawing with a pen on paper? How is collaging with tin and nails different or similar to collaging with paper and glue? What happens if they all dance on the same surface? The answers present themselves as my paintings.