SFMOMA: Still Keys

Left: Elizabeth Arzani, Listening to Still Keys Play their Silent Prose Right: Krisna Schumann, In the First Place


Listening to Still Keys Play their Silent Prose is a recent assemblage that I have constructed with tin, found objects, collage and wax.The work is currently on exhibit as part of the "Three-Fold" female group show on display at Ghost Gallery through July 5th. It is currently paired with Krisna Schumann's oil painting, In the First Place. It has also been recently featured on SFMOMA's On The Go Blog. 

I created this assemblage after being inspired by John Cage’s 4'33" composition. My work responds to Cage’s concept of having his audience watch instrument(s) purposefully not being played in order to listen to the sound of the environment as the performance. My aim is to have my audience compose their own silent score and opt to listen for four minutes and thirty three seconds or longer if they wish. 

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Krisna Schumann