The study of objects

My recent inspirations have come from shuffling, reorganizing, arranging and assembling. Much of this is a result of moving my studio from 57' Biscayne Artist Studios to an artist loft above a garage next to my house. 

Former studio at 57' Biscayne

I would be lying if I said I wouldn't miss having Krisna Schumann as a studio mate or the quirkiness of working in an old building in the heart of Pioneer Square. I loved the entrance with the green staircase and red walls that at night, as the street lights shine in, resonate a moody eeriness found in an Edward Hopper painting. I worked in a long hallway of a former darkroom studio, characterized by only a window into the next studio and a slightly askew brick wall that swallows and spits out nails. 

Other inspirations as of late have been the blog, Things Organized Neatly as well as the writings of philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, particularly his book, The System of Objects. Below is new work that manifested from these findings, also featured on the blog, Hyperallergic LABS.

House of my Childhood, 2015

Reading Baudrillard's writings of the home and it's interiors as well as becoming a home owner for the first time have manifested ideas and curiosities of the domestic to the forefront of my work.  

“Human beings and objects are indeed bound together in a collusion in which objects take on a certain density, an emotional value - what might be called a ‘presence.’ What gives the houses of our childhood such depth and resonance in memory is clearly this complex structure of interiority, and the objects within it serve for us as boundary markers of the symbolic configuration known as home.” 

-The System of Objects, Jean Baudrillard

Study for Portrait of a Debutante , 2015

Study for Portrait of a Debutante , 2015

I play the role of the narrator as I curate objects, juxtaposing memories, symbols and metaphors. Arranged in purposeful ways objects are staged as portraits. Many of these portraits are ephemeral studies, analyzing objects and their relationships to one another. 

Snapshots of the Lost and Found, 2015, photography by

Snapshots of the Lost and Found, 2015, photography by