Inspiration Abroad

I recently traveled to Southeast Asia and visited several cities in Cambodia and Thailand. During my journey I used my time in transit, which included several buses, many cabs or tuk tuks and a total number of ten planes, to fill my sketchbook.  I like creating fictional characters based loosely from my observations. I invent their mysterious past or detailed drama in my mind and then draw a moment or scene from their story and write only a suggestive title.  I also enjoy recording my surroundings, mostly snippets of banal places, often overlooked. I collect their simplified structures and forms or zoom in on specific details. In drawing while traveling I attempt to capture the quirks and cultural findings of my adventures to take home with me. 

Trading seats in confined places, 2014

Bitter lady suffering from poor decisions, 2015

How many people do you think can fit on one motor bike?, 2015

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