X Print Exchange

This is what printing in a small apartment looks like.

I have recently participated in a local print exchange coordinated by local artists Chris Rollins and Paul McKercher. This is the sixth year of the X Print Exchange, which is essentially a group of artists creating editions made of different combinations and methods of printmaking based around the same central theme that will be exhibited and collected together.

This years theme was Loss. I was not initially inspired by the theme and was not motivated to make something political, overly sad or personal. Instead I found inspiration from all of the objects discarded and forgotten about piled and filed away on my dresser or in the drawer. I thought about those things we always have plenty of until we need them: bobby pins, rubber bands, or clips. I thought about the things that are lost the most on a day to day basis: keys, buttons, earrings. From these thoughts I created my edition that will be shown during the Hiawatha Artists Loft Open House and Everett Art Walk in January 2014.

To learn more about the X Print Exchange or to see previous submissions click and follow their tumblr.