Sunday Painters

For the nearly a year I have been meeting with Krisna Schumann, a local artist and BFA graduate from the University of Washington to collaborate and discuss art on Sundays. For this reason we casually refer to ourselves as the “Sunday Painters.”

Krisna and I are both transplants from the East Coast living and working in Seattle. Although our formal training is both rooted in painting, we have expanded to practice working interdisciplinary and rarely stay focused on just one subject or media. When we meet on Sundays we experiment with different approaches and ways to collaborate. We share our painting backgrounds, our art historical and inspirational work references, and take field trips to draw in the park or visit galleries and museums. We conduct our own printmaking workshops and exchange supports to paint on and found objects to tinker with.

More than actually starting and finishing works of art we practice different ways to think and approach art making. Keeping a consistent and open dialogue about art has been the most important aspect of our Sunday Painter’s club.

Click here to view some of Krisna’s work.