Sketchbook Project 2012

Today people around the world (including myself) are stamping their envelopes and sending off their moleskins. Every year the Arthouse Co-op launches a worldwide sketchbook project. It allows anyone at any age to purchase a sketchbook and theme. This year my theme is “Fill me with stories.” You have approximately a year to fill your moleskin with stories, collages, cut outs, drawings, anything and everything, within reason of course. Once you send your sketchbook to the Brooklyn Library it becomes a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks beginning first on the east coast in Brooklyn, NY and making its way to the west coast stopping in places like Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. This year the exhibition is also extending its route to Canada and across the pond to London and even Australia.

This is my second year participating in the sketchbook project. Last year a friend (who also created a sketchbook in memory of her beloved dog) and I visited the traveling library of personalized books in Atlanta, GA. It was a neat feeling to see crowds of people huddled over their books, reading and sharing. Here are some images of the exhibition in Atlanta, GA from 2011.g

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