Pratt's Fall Open House

Last night ended my eight week large format screen printing class with instructor Kerstin Graudins at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle, WA. It was nice to finally see my small 8″x10″ sketchbook size collages expand to a 30″x40″ scale. I used my time at Pratt to experiment with screen printing scanned collaged images over physical collaged backgrounds. I recycled patterns from some of my favorite handmade papers and lines from old drawings to create prints that became a layer in a larger collage. Much of the material that I used for these collages was collected from my stash of my grandfather’s blue prints of the buildings he once designed, torn advertisements and posters ripped from the streets of Florence, Italy and Paris, France as well as paper rolls found in player pianos.

Tomorrow September 7th from 6-9 pm you can view some of these prints in the printmaking studio at Pratt Fine Art Center’s Fall Open House. There will be outdoor installations and artist demos. The open house is one night only, but my work will continue to be exhibited for several months.

Here is a little piece of what I will be exhibiting:

Detail of Best Friends

To learn more about Pratt Fine Arts Center or the Fall Open House click here