City Hall Rotunda Gallery

Shown at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery in Rock Hill, South Carolina throughout the month of January is a collection of work exhibiting an assortment of mixed media paintings created from 2011-2013. In this body of work the idea of portraiture is explored both traditionally in the representation of a figure and symbolically with assembled objects. Inspired by nostalgic mementos and collected knickknacks each painting is compiled of hidden narratives. Patterns and stripes dissimulate figures into their surroundings while objects and chairs personify portraits. Collages and assemblages are formed with sentimental memorabilia stacked and rearranged, torn until the context is stripped to something entirely new. This work exists in a realm between two and three dimensionality with objects protruding and fabric wrinkling above their surfaces.

Special thanks to Mike Gentry for installing the work and my family for transporting and documenting the installation of my work.