Campfire Girls

Once upon a time, there was a professor who hated his upper lip. He hated it so immensely; he promised his wife he would never shave his stash. This professor’s name is Michael Simpson. He may hate his upper lip, but he loves to teach; more specifically, Simpson loves to teach drawing. Recently, he taught a group of ladies that have come to be known as “The Campfire Girls”. To be a campfire girl one must: a. take a liking to coffee and bagels (preferably with cream cheese), b. like to sit in a circle on the floor, as if huddled around an imaginary campfire, and c. be a painter.

The campfire girls consist of Kat, Nat, Nicole, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Meagan. Kat likes to paint cats, while Nat likes to paint plastic spaces. Nicole likes to paint non-spaces; Elizabeth enjoys painting stripes on figures in striped chairs. Sometimes Elizabeth even paints stripes on the actual chairs, and then creates paintings of the painted chairs. Lydia paints distorted figures on raw canvas; Meagan likes to turn unusual structures into wittily constructed animals.

Not one campfire girl is alike. Nicole is free spirited and Lumbee (not to be confused with Cherokee) blooded, constantly smiling and lighting up the room. Nat is a Colombian David Bowie loving diva, who can run in heels and paint while wearing white dresses, sometime she adds pink to the edge of her hair. Meagan entertains while being the ghetto voice of Jersey, a true cynic and comic in one. Kat is a mother and co-owning, local screen-printing, business operating, spreadsheet queen. Elizabeth is a Queen City native and a collector of sorts. Lydia is a guitar playing, panel sanding machine fiend. Each and every Campfire Girl is just as unique and stylized as her work, whether it is drawing or painting, panel or canvas, plastic or paper each Campfire Girl has a story to tell.