Mixed Media Atelier

Please join me on Wednesday evenings in Mersch from 7-9 pm for art workshops centered on experimenting with different media. It is a great opportunity to get to know newly arriving people here in Luxembourg and connect through exploring your own creativity! All ages and levels are encouraged to participate.

Remnants Dipped in Bleu

Installation view

Installation view

I am excited to announce my first exhibition in Luxembourg at the lovely Bloom Cafe. Please join me for the vernissage on Thursday, April 11th from 6-8 pm for canapés & crément.

Remnants Dipped in Bleu, is a new series of collage based work created in 2019. New to life in Luxembourg, I’ve becomes familiar with new environments through discovering and investigating found objects. As a collector of sorts, I am using salvaged materials such as torn advertisements from both faraway and nearby places of Tel Aviv and Paris to arrange visual stories embedded with histories of site specific locations.

Corner installation view

Corner installation view

The exhibition will be on view through the end of June.

A Series of Somethings

New to expat living and life in Europe, a friend encouraged me to create a blog documenting my often humiliating yet humorous experiences. In an effort to do just that I created, Collector of Sorts. I have always referred to myself as a “collector of sorts;” discovering and investigating is how I become familiar with new environments. So I decided to begin here, with the idea and concept of what it means to collect.

Merci Beaucoup

Visual artist Elizabeth Arzani's show, Merci Beaucoup, is her final show before moving abroad. Arzani's sculptural mixed media pieces are assemblages of found objects that often recontextualize the meaning we give to everyday objects. Check out her past work here, and you'll definitely want to stop by and see these pieces in person!

Things Organized Neatly

After traveling to Hawaii and collecting plastic found along the beaches, I have started to pay more attention to the plastic that I see on an everyday basis. The plastic that is left on my street, thrown into my bushes, flattened by cars, nestled in gutters, the plastic I purchase and the plastic that I use.

1 Room

Immerse yourself in a grand display of art shown in a spectacular place at the foot of the newly constructed Avalara Hawk Tower in Pioneer Square. Recalling the Salon des Refuses in style but not in the spirit of exclusion, the walls of the lofty storefront space are filled from floor to ceiling with a cornucopia of paintings and works on paper. The artwork of over forty established and emerging Pacific Northwest artists showcases an impressive variety of styles and mediums, offering a uniquely inclusive snapshot of the Seattle art scene.   

Closing Reception : Behaving Differently

Behaving Differently compares gestures across media; marking the weight of a lineage of sentimental black matriarchs or the weight of emotional and conceptual processes beyond the technical. Each gesture interprets its surroundings, either by questioning the human connection to nature, intimate living spaces vs. public spaces or marked incidents that would otherwise risk being forgotten.

Behaving Differently

Behaving Differently is a bicoastal group show that I have co-curated with Joshua Thompson. This exhibition brings together artists from across the country to respond to the question, what is a painting? Historically a painting has been categorized within the simple definition of a practice of applying paint, pigment or color to a solid surface. However, contemporary painting is now challenging categories and traditions of two dimensionality. Behaving Differently is an investigation of how and why something is or is not a painting. Come decide for yourself and see work by artists from Florida, North Carolina, New York, Wyoming, California and Washington.

You Are Here, Too


I will be exhibiting new work in the upcoming, You Are Here, Too, an exhibition of art about maps and mapping. Works incorporate images, type, and constructs from maps, or maps themselves. Artists working in paint, graphic media, collage, embroidery, digital media, and ceramics explore the topography of the natural world, political boundaries, the built environment, slavery, motherhood, and other events that leave traces on the physical and mental landscape. May 3 through August 30, 2018 at the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square, in two spaces: Good Arts Gallery, inside Cherry Street Coffee House at 700 First Avenue, and '57 Biscayne Artist Studios, upstairs at 110 Cherry. Co-curated by Annie Brule and Jane Richlovsky


While Supplies Last: Restock

This Thursday, April 12th, I will be exhibiting several collage works on paper in the exhibition, While Supplies Last: Restock during Capitol Hill Art Walk. While Supplies Last: Restock is a recurring group art show, curated by Anthony White and presented by studio e, of over 175 Artists (and counting) in its second iteration, located in Seattle, Washington at Amandine Bakeshop (1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) from 6-9pm.